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Digital Experience
Design Direction

            (CONTEXT) Coors are an international beer brand, known for the most refreshing, clean and light larger. We worked with them to rejuvenate their digital showcase and push the brand towards a younger market, whilst staying within the brand guidelines. We went back to square one and started at the bottom.

            (POSITIONING) Re-defining the true meaning of the Coors experience, we set out communicating a youthful and impactful brand narrative. ‘A window into the world of the Rockies.’ Putting the product front and centre, in the heart of the Rockies.  
            (DESIGN) The creative expression was built around ‘A window into the world of the Rockies’ putting you right there in the moment. The visual output was fresh, clean, engaging with a sense of product tangibility. It makes you feel cold. The use of layers and motion add to the depth of the experience. All working together to create a fresh, engaging and modern, visual world to take Coors into a new direction and make them more appealing to a younger audience - no longer “their dad’s beer.”