Digital Experience
Creative Concept

             (CONTEXT) 20 Years of Dare. Celebrating the moments that have defined the company to date. A small digital experience expressing each moment in their own unique way, as well as showing off Dare’s build potential and creating a new face and direction for the future.

             (CONTEXT) As well as the project acting as a celebration and looking into Dare’s past, we also wanted to look forward to the future. A chance to reset and refresh. The company had been through a lot of change and with its new blood it needed a refresh, a full blooded approach to the front of digital innovation.
(DESIGN) The project became our playground. A start of things to come. Bold, energetic, punchy and more importantly daring. It was my job to kick the project off in design, setting the design direction and the mood. I worked closely with others in the team to build out the style. It hits you right in the face, bold typography, bold gradients and even bolder 3D models, each communicating a unique moment.

(CREDITS) Arnaldo Boico & Michelle Charlton.