Food & Drink

Digital Experience
Creative Concept

             (INTRO) Creating a moment of magic to be enjoyed over a bottle of your choice. A Message in a Bottle is a unique digital experience (aimed mainly at the 18-30 age range) using text-to-speech technology to bring a moment of joy, through a one-of-a-kind animated experience, to your family and friends.

             (CONTEXT) With the global pandemic keeping us all separated, the need for connection was even more important. A Message in a Bottle is a virtual gift tag, attached to a Diageo bottle, giving a more human and emotional touch to a posted gift. After buying a bottle, you are prompted to record a personal voice message; key words are picked out and turned into a unique animated experience. I was responsible for creating the initial concepts and look and feel of the identity and experience.
(DESIGN) It was important to encapsulate the whole experience in the identity, increasing the excitement and evoking a sense of fun and personality. With its foundations in text-to-speech technology and the need for a simple digital experience, a typographic outcome became the focus. Right Grotesk, with its variable qualities, ensured we evoked the playful qualities of the experience, visibly representing the different tones, volumes and moods of each and every message. From there, we flowed this sense of excitement, inspiration and personality through the digital experience, with simplicity at its heart.