Home Grown 

Home Grown is a private members’ club for high-growth entrepreneurs. An exclusive membership club offering space for like-minded people to network, entertain and grow in beautiful surroundings.

I developed a new visual direction based on the clients brand strategy and designed the first release of the new website.

Website Design, Visual Direction

Role: Digital Designer, Art Direction

Agency: Dare

Completion date: 2018

The Challenge
As well as designing a six page website across two break points in a week, the main challenge was working out how to visually represent the clients marketing strategy into a new visual direction.

The Strategy 
‘CEOs and entrepreneurs no longer wear grey suits and sit in their ivory towers. Today’s business leaders come from all walks of life and connect over ideas, values and passion for building a better business.’ The strategy focused around the idea of ‘eccentric British excellence’ and ‘modern British rockstars.’ Home Grown want to be a club that promotes individuality and provides a vibrant and current place to do business.

The Solution
I started with the concept of ‘modern British rockstars’ being the audience. I began finding figures that echoed these values to help nail down the direction. People like Paul Smith, James Hunt and Vivienne Westwood all seemed to resonate with the brand, these anti-establishment figures that go against the grain and do things differently.

I realised a typographic treatment to represent this rockstar individuality and respond to the strategy, that business owners come from 'all walks of life.’ I created a juxtaposition of the varying brand typefaces for the main headers of the website in a clean, impactful and modern way.

To follow on with the punchy and impactful typography I kept the main colour palette to black and white, giving that strong rockstar feel, with block accents of the bright red and deep blue. These also fit the British theme.