Digital Guidelines
Digital Experience
Design Direction

            (CONTEXT) Oliver Agency are the world’s first and only company to exclusively design, build, and run bespoke in-house agencies and marketing ecosystems for brands. Since they first opened their doors 17 years ago they’ve grown year-on-year, but their website didn’t echo this.

            (POSITIONING) Oliver’s digital presence hadn’t been updated in years and needed to reflect their growth and rising influence in the industry. The aim was to provide a platform that succinctly told their narrative and showed off all of their great work.
            (DESIGN) I worked closely with the CD to implement the modular approach into a robust and integrated system, as well as creating a fully end-to-end digital guidelines that echoed the experience. Together we created a minimal yet dynamic framework. Both experiences have a strict typographic approach which enhances their content and gives room to express the power of the work.

            (CREDITS) Arnaldo Boico