Process and Transformation

For my final major project at University, I explored the point at which the digital and physical codes of a letter form could intersect, and how one world could affect the other. I named it Process and Transformation.

Process and Transformation consists of two different experiments; Subvert and The Physicality of the Unseen.

Conceptual Design, Editorial Design, Collateral, Type Design

Role: Designer, Art Direction

Project:  University, Final Major Project

Completion: 2016

Experiment one, Subvert, is a conceptual typeface inspired by the beauty of traditional printing processes. Reproduction of letters using traditional processes often caused slight imprecisions and inaccuracies in the print, due to either uneven pressure or irregular paper stock. Subvert takes this idea of lost information and applies it to the digital code of a letter, through the notion of the visual glitch.

Subverts letter forms are produced with slightly inaccurate and imperfect codes, replicating its physical counterpart.

The Physicality of the Unseen
Experiment two, The Physicality of the Unseen, is a set of 3 tactile concertina books that redefine and bring to life the invisible backbone of digital typography. Presenting all the code that goes into one single visual of a letter form. Like many, I was guilty of seeing the computer as merely a tool or simulation machine. The books aim to shock and prompt viewers to once again think about the craftsmanship and form of typography.

Process Book
To go with my final submission I was asked to design and make a book detailing my process. Giving a further background from concept to creation and all the thinking that lead up to my final output.