Tour Dare Ride

Dare’s Annual Charity Bike Ride was set up in 2018 to remember the lives of two great men, Larry and Jon. Friends and colleagues who were both keen cyclists. We ride from London to Bristol raising money for their families’ chosen charities.

I designed and concepted the new website, 2019 event identity and collateral.

Event Identity, Website Design & Collateral
Role: Digital Designer, Art Direction
Agency: Dare

Launch: 2019

Event identity
After the 2018 memorial ride, it felt right for the 2019 event to feel less like a ride of mourning and more like a ride of celebration. With this in mind, I set out creating an identity that would inspire people to get involved. Creating a vibrant colour palette, bold, impactful typography, contemporary event badges and icons.

Website design
The website design made the most of the vibrant colour palette and impactful typography. Serving as a place to inspire. The website was primarily created to tell the past, present and future story of the event. As well as continuing to encourage riders, volunteers, fundraisers and sponsors to sign up and get involved, right there and then.