A Life’s Work

A Life’s Work is a publication celebrating and paying homage too, the Swiss typographer, Adrian Frutiger.

Adrian Frutiger was one of the worlds most influential type designers of our time, he passed away on 10th September 2015, aged 87. He had one aim in life; to make the whole intellectual world legible. Adrian dedicated his life to its resolve, creating almost 30 typefaces, we encounter his work every day.

Editorial Design, Book Design, Book Binding

Role: Designer, Art Direction

Project: University ISTD Submission
Award: ISTD Pass

Completion: 2015

The publication is driven from two quotes; ‘There’s always been a seamless transition between Frutiger’s applied and free art’ and ‘I find no words for that which moves inside me, I simply draw it.’

To truly pay homage to the life and work of Adrian Frutiger, I wanted to show these two equally important sides. Seamlessly presenting them in one single publication, for the very first time. Frutiger was widely known for his typefaces (applied art), but only few knew of his more personal projects (free art).

To epitomise Adrian and realise my concept I created an unorthodox French fold. Presenting his applied art work in the standard book format, with his free art set within the folds.

Process Book
As a part of my submission I was asked to produce a book of supporting material. Giving a further background to the markers why I made the decisions I had. It covered my strategy, research, design ideas and trials, development, tests, type choices, mock-ups and specifications. The book is designed and produced to seamlessly accompany my final piece.

Feedback from ISTD
“Your ‘A Life’s Work process book’ is beautifully put together – a project in its own right providing a good back story to your research alone.”