Arts & Culture

Digital Experience
Design Direction

             (CONTEXT) Created as a solution to the changing industry demands, Cromwell Place have created a new hub and thriving community of some of the world’s most exciting galleries, collectors, advisors, foundations and art businesses.

             (POSITIONING) Open in the heart of London's museums district. We worked with Cromwell Place to mould their brand into one that felt like an extension of the physical space they’d painstakingly refurbished back to its original glory. We used this as the foundations to build from, creating a sophisticated, forward thinking and confident brand ethos that reflected the period features and modern architecture.
(DESIGN) With digital at the heart of the experience, we set out creating a space that would encouraged creativity and cultivate a collaborative community. Crafting gallery profile and exhibition pages to feel owner-able and tangible, whilst still a part of Cromwell Place. I worked as the Lead Designer on the project.